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Welcome, dear friends!

means in German "a nap" and is:

your perfect oasis of peace in the center of Berlin. 

Forget the time, lay back, relax

and regain your energies in our massages.

Massaging people is a matter of the heart for us!

Our massages will help you to be:





(or at least HAPPIER)


Please step into our little dream kingdom, slip your shoes off your feet, take a deep breath and leave the world behind you!

Please feel at home and be our precious guest at the same time!

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~ Massage work is love made tangible. ~


"Wellness Shiatsu" -

holistic massage from Japan

full body 50 min / 70 min / 90 min

* Effect: deep relaxation / feeling yourself / release of [energetic] blockages

Shiatsu is a holistic massage form developed in Japan. It is traditionally practiced on a mat on the floor. You lie, you are moved, you can totally let yourself down and switch off. The masseuse touches you with both hands, elbows and knees as well as her entire body weight. This ensures pleasant deep relaxation throughout the body.

Nacken- und Schultermassage

Mindful Thai Massage /

Thai Yoga Massage 

Part body 45 min / full body 60, 90, 120 min

* Effect: relaxation of the deep tissue, the joints, flexibilization of the body, relaxation / responding to individual tension zones *

 We offer you a nice mix of traditional Thai massage and Thai yoga massage. Massaging is done on a floor mat, whereby the masseuse uses her entire body weight mindfully. Though it is a deep and intensive massage, it is not too much for the body - our therapists massage intensively, but always very sensitively.

Simultaneous massages

for 2 persons

(for couples, friends, family)

possible from 60 min!

Only possible in 2 separate rooms: from 70€

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People there are really nice and massage was so good! My favorite place


That was my 3rd visit and I love it - no matter which massage / employee


Our office is across the street and there is nothing better than having the back pain of everyday office work so relaxed. I can switch off within 2 minutes each time. Is worth every penny!


The massage at Nickerchen is always a great experience. You come out of the treatment feeling inspired. I like to go there and enjoy the casual, relaxed atmosphere there.


Press writing about "Nickerchen" (sorry folks, it's in German):

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03.03.2018: "10 questions to ask a masseuse you would never dare ask" - Nickerchen in the funny cross-examination by VICE:


10.12.2016: "Nickerchen" on the list of the top10 spa oasis of Berlin:

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2014: Nice and short presentation of the Nickerchen" by "Die Welt":

Our massage techniques:

Klasische Aromaöl-Massage

Classical Aroma Therapy Massage

(well-known as "Swedish Massage")

part body: 45 min / full body: from 60 min

This treatment is suitable for the deep relaxation of the whole body as well as for the treatment of individual muscle tensions.

Deep Tissue Massage - full body /

Triggerpoint Massage

full body treatment: 70 min / 90 min

This is a great massage technique for working deeper to pull out muscle tension and strains.

Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Massage Back Special:

60 min "Intensive Back & Neck Massage"-

the ideal blend of Classic and Deep Tissue

60 min head/neck/back

This is a deep and intensive massage, dedicated to the deep relaxation of the neck and the entire back.

Lomi Lomi Massage -

traditional massage from Hawaii

full body treatment: from 70 min

Borrowed from Hawaiian natural healing, this enchanting massage technique is not only for relaxation, but also for physical, mental and spiritual cleansing and harmonization through dissolution of, among other things, energetic blockades.

Relaxed Into Maternal Happiness - Pregnancy massage

part body: 45 min / full body: 60, 90, 120 min

This massage is sensitive to the needs of pregnant women. The massage captures the Golden middle between relaxation for the mom and the baby and the relieved physical sensation, achieved by not superficially "stroking", rather by addressing the typical pregnancy tensions.

Hot Lava Stone Massage

(with stones brought from Island)

full body treatment: from 90 min

In addition to the hands and forearms, this massage also uses hot lava stones, which have an extremely blockade-releasing and relaxing effect on the whole body.





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